The cargo handling division of ASC was officially inaugurated and began its operations in June 2010. We offer an entire range of Cargo services located at Heathrow Airport. These facilities offer both landside and airside access which allows for faster turnaround times, away from the main congested Cargo areas of other handling agents.

Our warehouses provide an extensive and specialized area for door to door handling and temporary storage of a wide range of cargo, both palletized and loose, with the addition of cooling facilities for perishable goods, valuable strong room, storage for all categories of Dangerous Goods including Radioactive.

ASC started offering Ground Handling services from 2012, operating from Terminal Four at Heathrow Airport. It now handles multiple airlines, providing passenger check-in, boarding, baggage tracing, baggage handling, aircraft loading and unloading, ramp handling including pushback and towing.

Building 582 Sandringham Road Heathrow | Airport Hounslow Middlesex TW6 3SN
Telephone: (+44) 0208 7381 800 | Fax: (+44) 020 8897 7763

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